Sunday, March 25, 2007

Time flys...

Okay, I have been really really busy. Too busy to post!

So a quick update. I'm 10 months old now and have grown a bunch. I'm now almost 22" tall and 47lbs. WOW. Mom says it's almost time for my 1 year birthday. I think she said I'm gonna have a party with cake. I'm a lucky gal. Birthdays sound FUN.

I have now finished my CGC class (that's Canine Good Citizen). I have been working really hard to be a good girl. I know how to walk nicely next to Mom when she says "heal" AND I know not to jump on humans, they don't like it. I have to take a test in May to be an official CGC dog. I wanna make Momma proud!

Well, life's been good. I go to work most days with Mom. Most days lunch we got to the dog park and play with with my Boxer friend Roxy (she's exactly 1 month older than me).
She plays rough but I can hold my own!!

Mom has been try'n to convince Dad that I need a playmate. Gosh I would love another boxer brother or sister to play with. Maybe if I am super good I can get one next summer.

Well, I gotta go now- It's play time (again).



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